Nazi Swing Music – Now Available Online
Posted on: 2005-12-12 04:59:39

In the 1930s, Swing Music was the vogue, and the National Socialist government of Germany, never one to miss an opportunity, personally followed Minister Joseph Goebbel’s instructions to use this music form as propaganda in the English speaking world.

Now, thanks to the White Man’s wonder of the Internet, it is now possible to hear these original tracks, as broadcast by Goebbel’s handpicked swing band,  “Charlie and His Orchestra”. This band was led by Karl Schwendler, an English speaking German who broadcast Nazi-themed swing and big-band hits every night on the medium-wave and short-wave bands throughout the 1930s to Canada, the US and Britain.

With titles such as “The Man With The Big Cigar” (whose “greatest friend is the USSR”), and “Who'll Buy My Bublitchky” (‘Bolshevist’), Charlie and His Orchestra reveal much about Nazi propaganda techniques and their willingness to use popular music to spread their message.

Download it while you can:

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