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    FREE SPEECH Hits The Streets
    Posted by admin on: 2006-04-23 06:16:55

    On Friday, April 21, members of the National Alliance's Sacramento chapter delivered FREE SPEECH newspapers to over 300 homes in a White upper-middle class neighborhood in the suburb of Citrus Heights CA.

    In old-style paperboy fashion the activists walked the residential streets delivering the newspapers to peoples homes.

    The delivery of complimentary copies of FREE SPEECH to Whites will be a staple activity of the local chapter.

    Get your copy of Free Speech here.

    $4.00 postpaid in US and Canada, $5 all other

    Subscription rates:
    $30 US., $45 in Canada and $ 60 in the rest of the World.
    To: National Vanguard Books
    P.O. Box 330
    Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA

    News Source: NA Sacramento Unit

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