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    Leftist London Mayor Faces Bizarre Anti-Semitism Charge
    Posted by admin on: 2005-12-14 04:58:34

    In a case which could only happen in a Judaized society, the extreme leftist mayor of London, Britain, has lost his legal battle to have a disciplinary hearing against him thrown out for comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard.

    Under normal circumstances, such a remark would hardly be noticed, much less commented upon or made into any sort of criminal act. The reporter in question had harassed Livingstone – so left wing that he is known as ‘Red Ken’ and once flew the Soviet flag from a council building – to the point where the Communist said he was treating him like a camp guard.

    The fact that Livingstone has been charged at all, is an indication of how obsessive Jews are with the Nazis, probably built upon the fact that the entire camp ‘gas chamber’ story is a colossal hoax and Jews seek to suppress any flippant reference to their pack of lies out of fear of exposure.

    (Illustration: Jews seeing Nazis everywhere: Images of Adolf Hitler at the Jewish Museum in New York)

    In a minor victory the London Mayor did manage to get one of the charges - that he failed to treat others with respect - dismissed. This charge could only apply if he was acting in an official capacity, and the independent Adjudication Panel for England. They ruled that Livingstone's outburst to Evening Standard reporter, Oliver Finegold, was said while he was a private individual leaving an official reception at City Hall.

    Livingstone now faces a single charge of having allegedly brought his office into disrepute following his remarks in February. He has refused to apologise despite pressure from the Jewish community, holocaust survivors and other politicians.

    A complaint was made by the Board of Deputies of British Jews to the local Government watchdog, the Standards Board for England.

    Livingstone was brought before the tribunal for allegedly breaching the Greater London Authority's code of conduct - an offence punishable by a five-year ban, suspension, censure or being forced to apologize or undergo training.

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    News Source: NAN

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