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    Chester Doles Strikes Hard From the Gulag
    Posted by admin on: 2006-07-29 00:06:54

    National Alliance member and White race hero, political prisoner Chester Doles, continues his dedicated activism from behind the gulag jail door.

    His recently  published letter to the Dahleone Nugget, is evidence of his unwavering devotion to our Cause. He would like to ask supporters to respond to his letter by writing to the newspaper at Anyone writing in must include a phone number for verification purposes.

    Immigration reform was all I ever wanted

    To the editor;

    Now that the immigration issue has come to a head and Congress and the president. are finally holding hearings on immigration reform, I felt compelled to respond. It goes without question that I was targeted by our so-called “Justice Department” for my relentless political activism concerning immigration reform in Georgia.

    I am now basically sifting in federal prison for wanting no more than what Congress is doing now: “holding hearings on immigration reform.” That’s all I ever wanted. It’s very unfortunate for my family and I that I had to go to federal prison, but it was a sacrifice that had to be made in order to obtain our goal.

    In 1957, Rep. Francis Walter was head of the House Committee on immigration and for 24 years he fought to preserve the 1924 immigration law which required that immigrants must reflect the 1920 racial make-up of American which was then 90 percent white. Rep. Walter issued the following warning to America is 1957: “Immigration is the foremost matter of National Welfare and Security.  What is important is the quality of an immigrant and not the quantity immigrants enter the bloodstream of the American people. If not the property quality, it could be fatal. Immigration should be limited to no more than 230,000 a year.

    Communists and their liberal fellow travelers have sought to abolish the quota system which favors the continued European makeup of the nation. Yes, we are a nation of Immigrants, but the word ‘Nation’ means a common culture and heritage.”

    This is what holds people together for their locality to the United States and not to a foreign country. (Recently illegal aliens filled the streets of America, flying their countries’ flag, not the stars and stripes). A true United Nation is not made up of a hodgepodge of unassimilated groups who are hostile to the majority.

    “The great danger is that immigrant minorities, whose interests are cut off from those of the country at large; will form voting blocks. They will be easy pickings for unscrupulous politicians and prove fertile grounds for liberal communist agitation.”

    Both Rep. Tom Tancredo and former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm call for a moratorium on immigration. Rep. Tancredo said, “We must stop this massive flow into our country or we will see irreversible damage done to our economic and social resources. We must restore sanity to the immigration program for our grandchildren.”

    European-Americans are being dispossessed of their own nation. We are under invasion by millions of unskilled Mexicans .who threaten to bankrupt us (along with our world war to protect Israel). They are taking over our Southwest and now constitute a majority in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (as well as large parts of North  Georgia: Gainesville, a.k.a. “Gangsville” and Dalton for just two examples.)

    They are well on their way to forming Aztecland and taking back the Southwest. I know this will be hard for some of you to fathom, but if millions and millions of illegal immigrants continue to pour into America, we (whites) will be pushed into the American Northwest, whether you like it or not, or you’ll be living in a backwards third world country.

    Outside of Japan, the Democratic form of government has not been successful in any nonwhite country!

    Schools and universities are now teaching multi-culturalism and die-versity. It holds that European history, culture and history are equal with that of the backward countries such as in Africa.

    While instilling a sense of “White Guilt” into our precious young children (tell me this is not true!) the consequences to which this immigration disaster holds for our children is horrendous.

    Non-Whites will take political control of more states, along  with both houses of Congress and eventually the presidency. Whites will quickly be stripped of their rights with our wealth confiscated for redistribution to non-Whites. (As is taking place right now in South Africa and Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.) America will overnight become a third world nation.

    This “Tower of Babel” will fall under any foreign attack, just as Rome fell after it was engorged in anarchy once its population reached 1 million immigrants. (We have at least 12 million.) Pro-immigration politicians, aligned with greedy, big-business elements, have sold out the birthrights of our children.

    A Zogby poll finds that 80 percent of Americans want fewer immigrants. Some 56 percent say they would vote against any candidate who supports “amnesty:” Seventy-six percent say the government is not doing enough to protect our borders. (The National Alliance has been demanding for years that our troops be brought home and put on the Mexico border.) Finally the president has given in to common sense. (I’d much rather have our sons and daughters defending our own borders than dying in a foreign country defending Israel.)

    Another poll finds that 66 percent want citizenship for “anchor babies” revoked. Only 6 percent support Bush’s amnesty plan. This deadly immigration cancer must be stopped. Pro-immigration politicians say it’s impossible to deport 12 million illegal immigrants.

    Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be fooled by this nonsense. We can put men on the moon, we placed satellites In orbit, we can make deserts bloom, send spacecraft to Mars, Venus and Jupiter, but we can’t deport every single illegal alien in America!

    The president has finally started the process of putting the troops on the border, but without any arrest powers, this is garbage!

    I’m sure everyone knows what the standard rules of engagement are for every country on this earth if someone attempts to cross over their border illegally.

    For those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you what it is: you get a dose of hot lead to the head without hesitation.  The invasion of America threatens our security. Cowardly Washington politicians refuse to protect our border out of fear of offending the growing Latin Bloc vote.

    This is bolstered by the greed of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which places profits above the future safety of their own grandchildren.

    This is undermining the greatest civilization the world has ever seen — all of which was created by our European ancestors.

    A wise friend once said, “You cannot kill someone who has no hope.” This is true for a person, but also for a nation!

    Political Prisoner
    Chester J. Doles Jr. do Federal Correctional
    Manchester, Ky.
    (Lumpkin County borne, property owner)

    News Source: Chester J. Doles

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