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    Australia: More White bashing by the media
    Posted by admin on: 2006-09-10 14:47:09
    Well known and controversdial 2GB Radio host Alan Jones recently made the statement "Australians are sick and tired of people who come here and want to enjoy all the benefits that Australian life has to offer [and] by their behavior ... [they] progressively undermine its foundations."

    During the same week, the Australian prime minister, John Howard, declared in an opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph, that there are "small sections of some communities, including the Islamic community ... resistant to integration."

    Any genuine White Australian knows that these statements are true and correct. Sure, they may be offensive to the particular non-White communities, but we all know that this is what has been and is going on.

    As to be expected, arrogant heirachy of the Islamic community quickly sprang to action to attack those responsible for the truthful statements in an attempt to debunk them. The head of the Orwellian-named Muslim Advisory Council, Ameer Ali, warned of "Cronulla style riots" if the prime minister continued to enlighten the Australian public about these home truths, this actually sounds more like some sort of threat really.

    Another to join the fray was The Age columnist Pamela Bone, she added: "It seems inconceivable that we could lose this war against terrorism. And if we do, the consequences will be awful ... and they will be worse ... for the women that will follow us."

    The treatment of women, the adoption of Australian values, and learning English seem to be the problem with Australia's Islamic community.

    As PM John Howard repeated on a number of occasions since his initial comments: "I haven't singled anybody out," and migrants "need to embrace Australian values [which] require women to be treated fairly and decently." This goes without saying, but what we all need to understand is that Islams track record on the inequality and ill treatment of women hugely outweighs any ill treatment of women at the hands of European Australians, so yes, the comments are mainly directed at Islamists in Australia.

    In typical form, a Middle Eastern community activist and writer, Paula Abood put the clashing of civilized and evolved Euro-Australia culture and 9th century Islamist mentality down to a "clash of masculinities and ownership of public space" but also said it was more substantial concern.

    This concern is supposed to be "...non-Anglos in general and the tight white right in this country who have never accepted multiculturalism. There's no political will to engage with the deeper malaise about race and history," she says."

    "Tight white right" ?

    Interesting, but yeah, I guess it's just evil Whitey, again.

    More to the point, a young Australian man stated to ABC radio's AM: "We come here [Cronulla], we just get run over by Lebanese and wogs and shit. It's not cool. They come here, they disrespect the women, and they disrespect the beach. They just, they just leave a lot of hate here."

    News Source: Patriot Alliance Downunder

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