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    October 12: Day of the Race in Mexico: Miscegenation Memorialization
    Posted by admin01 on: 2006-10-12 17:21:18

    It would be quite Politically Incorrect to celebrate a "Day of the Race" meaning the White race. But it is OK if it a Politically Correct race such as the Mestizo race, which is a mixture of the Spanish immigrants to the Americas and South American Indians (the Amerind genetic cluster which runs south from and includes the central Western U.S. to the tip of South America), is celebrated.

    And in Mexico, that is what is celebrated instead of Columbus Day. In the U.S., this may soon be celebrated since Mexico has come to visit us...well not to visit, but stay.

    As pointed out in these quotes found on a Mexican travel page, the Spanish defeated the indigenous population, but the indigenous population buried the Spanish conquerors in its biomass generating this hybrid race:

    Woodrow Borah of the University of California, Berkeley, points out that "The Spanish made a place for the Indians__as part of the lowest order, but at least they had a place", whereas, "North Americans in many cases simply exterminated the Indians." The native population of Mexico certainly decreased dramatically, but survived alongside the Spanish conquerors and mingled with them. According to Mexican poet Homero Aridjis, "The Spanish were conquered in turn by those they conquered".

    In 1918, philosopher Antonio Caso took October 12th as an opportunity to praise the "Mexican mestizo race", La Raza, the rich mixture of Spanish and indigenous cultures which characterizes us. He was perhaps the first to coin the term La Raza, which has now been adopted by Latinos from all across the continent. Ten years later, the Día de la Raza was declared an official national holiday by Congress [Mexico], after only minor debate.

    This "quality" race has done such a wonderful job with its own country, it is heading north to help the U. S. out.

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    News Source: Lewis Doherty

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