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    Religious Right Could Cease Support for Israel
    Posted by admin on: 2005-12-22 05:52:02

    Are they waking up?  According to American Family Association Chairman Donald E. Wildmon,  some members of the Christian religious right will withdraw their support for Israel if prominent anti-White activist and Jew Abraham Foxman keeps up his attacks on Christianity and the religious right in America.

    During a December 5 broadcast on the AFA's American Family Radio, Wildmon said that Anti-Defamation League President Abraham Foxman "got himself in a bind by criticizing the religious right.

    "The strongest supporters Israel has are members of the religious right - the people he's fighting.

    "The more he says that 'you people are destroying the country,' you know, some people are going to begin to get fed up with this and say, ‘Well, all right then. If that's the way you feel, then we just won't support Israel anymore.'"

    Foxman, in a November address at an Anti-Defamation League meeting, included AFA among the group of conservative religious organizations whose goal, he said, "is to implement their Christian worldview. To Christianize America."

    And in early December Foxman convened a meeting of American Jewish leaders to discuss what Foxman again called the religious right's attempts to "Christianize America."

    During Wildmon's December 5 broadcast, American Family Radio News Director Fred Jackson said that even some members of the Jewish community are trying to distance themselves from Foxman's views.

    Jackson told the radio audience that Jewish people have "come out and said, 'Mr. Foxman is dead wrong, and you shouldn't even be listening to him 'cause we don't feel the way he does.'"

    Of course those Jews who are saying that, are the ones who are not as stupid as Foxman, and who realize that modern Christianity is Israel, and the Jews’, greatest aid in helping to suppress White unease with their grip on the media and government, by claiming to be “God’s Chosen People”.

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