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    More on the Russian March
    Posted by admin01 on: 2006-11-03 19:49:11

    While an article on this page below describes the Jews welcoming the pro-White march ban, the linked article describes the situation in more depth, although with a PC spin and probably with some skewed facts.

    The Russian language apparently has a word for Russians and a different word for Russian citizens. It must be nice.

    Moscow dispatch - From Russia with hate - An extreme nationalist movement is gearing up to march in Moscow in defiance of an official ban, writes Tom Parfitt

    He wears a knee_length leather coat, has a fondness for black shirts and greets friends with the forearm_to_forearm Roman handshake favoured by skinheads.

    Alexander Belov may not be quite what western governments had in mind when they urged the development of civil society in Russia. But as head of the ultra_right Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), the 30_year_old Muscovite can claim to head one of Russia's fastest growing grassroots organisations.

    While many charities and human rights groups say the Kremlin has deliberately stunted their growth, Belov's organisation is flourishing.

    With a well organised network of at least 20,000 activists, it has tapped into the rising xenophobia in Russian society, which bubbled closer to the surface after a politically charged spat with neighbouring Georgia last month.


    News Source: Lewis Doherty

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