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    From Russia with Truth
    Posted by admin on: 2006-11-04 08:18:56

    Recent hysteria in Russian and Western media regarding Russian March shows how deep people in control of the media hates Russians. Most of the articles are describing Russian March as ultranationalists rally, planned and organized by “neo-Nazi groups and racists.”

    The fact is this is not true. Ironically the first Russian March was organized by "EuroAsia" - multiracial organization promoting cultural, economic and political unity between Europe and Asia (which basically means more Asian invaders in Russia). This organization is widely supported by Russian government.

    Everything started a year ago when the Russian government decided to replace the traditional Soviet Union holiday November 7 - the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolt - with November 4.  The new holiday was called National Unity Day. According to Soviet Union tradition old holiday - November 7 - was always celebrated by huge marches in many cities across the country so to make smooth transition from one holiday to another government proposed to hold a march on a new holiday too.

    Everything went wrong in the government plan when the organizers - "EuroAsia" - invited legal Movement Against Illegal Immigration and several Russian underground groups to participate in the march. During the march people gathered for the event refused to listen to the organizers speeches and by doing that forced leaders and activists of "EuroAsia" to leave.

    Here is how official newspaper Moscow News describes it: "the holiday, meant to demonstrate the unity of Russia’s multiethnic nation, last year degenerated into a show of ultra-nationalist groups who marched through Moscow and other cities with swastikas and greeted each other with Nazi Germany’s salute “Heil Hitler!”

    God knows what people in the government were thinking but obviously (and all recent events prove it) they picked up the wrong date (wrong date for themselves but right for Russian people).

    On this day in 1612, a Russian national uprising led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated the Kremlin of Moscow from Polish occupants.

    This is all what most western people can find about this day. But for Russian people it is much more than that. This statement circulates in many articles these days with the only one purpose - to hide the real truth about the event.

    The important questions are how the Polish occupants ended up in Moscow Kremlin and what happened after the Kremlin was liberated.

    In 1598 the Rurikov Dynasty that ruled Russia for more than 700 years has ended with the death of Tsar Feodor. For ten years after that Russia was ruled by several successors but not one of them was accepted by the nation as a legitimate ruler. The son of Polish king Sigismund III was also proposed at one time as a next Russian Tsar. Some of the Polish magnates supported one of the candidates to the Throne called False Dmitry who claimed to be the rightful heir. He entered the Moscow in 1605 and proclaimed himself a Tsar with the help of Polish army.

    Russian history calls this time the Time of Trouble. It has ended when Russian people rose against invaders and self-proclaimed rulers. They decided that only all Russian people together can elect the new legitimate Russian ruler. The leader of the movement merchant Kuzma Minin assembled irregular army from the volunteers and entitled command of the army to Prince Pozharsky.

    After the Russian army liberated the Kremlin a Grand National Assembly was called. Representatives from all classes of Russian society from different parts of Russia gathered in Moscow to discuss and elect a new tsar. And in 1613 a Grand National Assembly elected as tsar Michael Romanov.

    So considering all these facts what Russian March is about?

    It is simply about the right of current Russian government to rule the country. From the point of view of most Russians the current Russian government is not legitimate and neither is the current constitution. And here is why.

    After the last Russian tsar of Romanov Dynasty Nicholay II renounced his rights and rights of his descendants to the Russian throne Russian people wanted to call Grand National Assembly to establish the new form of Russian government. But the Grand National Assembly was gathered for a few days only and it was dismissed by Bolsheviks in January 1918 after they realized the National Assembly was not going to support them and their plans.

    Everybody agrees these days that Communist Regime did not have the legitimate right to rule Russia.

    The question is - does the current Russian government the successor of Communist Regime has the legitimate right to rule. Was it elected by the majority of Russian citizens?

    The answer to this question is NO.

    First of all after the fall of Communist Regime the Grand National Assembly was never called. And only Grand National Assembly can decide what form of the government to choose and set up founding documents of the country. It was never done - not after the fall of Romanov Dynasty, neither after the fall of Communist Regime.

    But the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin and first Parliament of Russia was elected in 1989 by the majority of Russian people. At that point we can say they were legitimate government of Russia even considering the fact that the founding documents of the country were not established the legitimate way.

    The legitimate right of this government has ended in 1993 when Boris Yeltsin dismissed the Russian Parliament and Russian Parliament officially dismissed the president. Boris Yeltsin took over the country by military force and it was the end of legitimate Russian government.

    To make it clear lets say tomorrow American president suddenly decides to dismiss Congress and change the Constitution his way. How would American public react?

    This is what happened in Russia. And now despite all media claims that 70% of Russian people support president Putin the Russian government is not legitimate government and the Russian Constitution is nothing but peace of paper with God knows who’s law. The fact is in the last election in 2004 even according to official records only 45% of Russian citizens of voting age voted for Putin. According to unofficial sources that conducted so called exit poll the real number is less than 30%.

    So on November 4 Russians people want to march to mark their right to call Grand National Assembly to establish legitimate form of the Russian government and propose legitimate Russian Constitution.

    It is obvious that people who refuse Russians the right to seek the legitimate government support tyranny and totalitarianism, it is obvious that those people are against democracy in Russia.

    There are a lot of monuments in Moscow but only one in the Red Square in front of Kremlin. It was put here in 1818. Even communists did not dare to take it down. The sign says "Thankful Russia to citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky".

    News Source: Vyacheslav Voylokov

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