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    Pay Up Whitey-- You have The Jews’ War Damage to Settle
    Posted by admin on: 2006-11-12 10:19:22

    Ignoring the cost of the actual military campaign in Iraq – which has cost untold billions of dollars, all for Israel’s interests – the American taxpayer has forked out an additional $38 billion to ‘reconstruct’ (i.e. repair) the damage brought to that country by the invasion – a double whammy, where ordinary Americans are now being forced to pay for the damage that t Jew neo-cons inflicted upon that country.

    So far, some 4.6 million Iraqis have been provided with “access to water” courtesy of the American taxpayer – something which those same Iraqis had before the Jew-caused invasion.

    In addition, seeds have been distributed to Iraqi farmers, 5,000 schools have been repaired and 4.6 million children have been vaccinated against polio.

    "We accomplished a significant amount of work. But it was just overwhelmed by the overlay of violence," said Clifford G. Mumm, who has spent much of the past three years in Iraq managing projects for Bechtel Corp. "It's hard to be very optimistic."

    U.S.-funded projects have long been a target for sabotage. Many of those that were spared remain unused by a population paralyzed by violence.

    Yet those inside the reconstruction effort say security concerns were hardly the only problem. Poor planning and coordination by U.S. officials meant that even successful individual projects failed to do the job; for example, health-care centers were built at great cost but had no water and sewer service. Poor work-site management by contractors meant that some projects went awry. And now that the United States is handing over reconstruction efforts to Iraq, many involved with the process worry that the Iraqis don't have the training or the money to keep U.S.-built facilities running.

    This was not how the rebuilding of Iraq was supposed to go. In the fall of 2003, six months after the U.S. invasion, President Bush promised Iraq "the greatest financial commitment of its kind since the Marshall Plan." Top administration aides said they considered that plan, which helped rebuild Europe after World War II, to be a model for Iraq. Congress soon passed a spending bill that, while offering less money than the Marshall Plan, was expected to be enough to get Iraq back on its feet.

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