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    Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street
    Posted by admin01 on: 2006-11-12 18:10:46

    In the United States, labor union leaders following their social Marxist ideology have abandoned the interests of their current workers for Third World immigrants. In the old days, company management would threaten to replace workers and the union would protect their interests. Today unions replace the White workers (their supposed clients) with new, Third-World imports. Many labor union bosses are looking for a source of more mindless workers who will follow their commands. They think they have found it south of the border.

    The same thing is occurring in Britain. The British Labour Party, originally created around labor unions, has dumped British workers for new ones. But the British workers are revolting at the ballot box. The labor unions are very concerned that there is an alternative - the British National Party. The voters who usually vote for Labour resent being flooded with Third World lifeforms destroying their communities and standard of living and are voting BNP.

    Labour MP warns of move towards BNP - by icuxbrige- Nov 11 2006 - More and more disgruntled Labour voters are switching support to the far_right British National Party, deputy leadership hopeful Jon Cruddas is set to warn.

    Mr Cruddas, a former Downing Street aide, will suggest people in Labour heartlands have lost hope and turned to the BNP in protest at mainstream politics.

    And the debate over the wearing of veils, the language of the "war on terror" and "tough" talk on immigration had made things worse and "played into the hands of extremism"

    Mr Cruddas is the MP for Dagenham in east London, where the BNP won 11 council seats in May's local elections, making it the main opposition group.

    Employment Minister Margaret Hodge, MP for neighbouring Barking, was accused of helping the far_right victory by publicly claiming eight in ten white families were "tempted" to vote BNP.

    However, at a conference organised by anti_fascist organisation Searchlight Mr Cruddas will on Saturday say that the party is "beginning to establish itself as a rival to Labour in many of our traditional heartlands".

    He has dubbed the acquittal of BNP leader Nick Griffin on race_hate charges a "wake_up call" for mainstream politicians and backed calls for fresh laws.

    "We don't need a jury to tell us whether the BNP are a bunch of racist thugs _ experience in my own area shows their real background of hate and division," he said after Friday's verdict.

    "We need better laws in place, but we also need to rebuild local parties so that we can confront the BNP wherever they push their ugly politics.

    "The BNP thrive in areas where people feel forgotten by the mainstream parties. We have to mobilise ordinary decent people against the BNP, on the streets, in workplaces and in local communities."


    News Source: Lewis Doherty

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