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    Pay Up Whitey: UK and US Taxpayers Subsidize Israeli Foreign Policy
    Posted by admin on: 2006-11-20 03:19:28

    Hard-pressed taxpayers in Britain and the United States are directly subsiding Israeli foreign policy to the tune of billions of dollars, in the form of “development aid” to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    The “aid” which comes from the Jew puppet Bush and Blair regimes, is designed to try and buy off those countries’ Muslim populations from “becoming radicals” – in other words, to try and stop them objecting to Israeli aggression against Palestinians and American/British support for the Jew state.

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that Britain would double development aid to Pakistan over the next three years, focusing increased expenditure on ensuring that Islamic schools, or madrassah, do not come under the influence of extremists.

    Blair said development aid to Pakistan over the next three years would grow from £236m to £480m ($910m, €709m), with money being funneled into education to counterweight the influence of extremists.

    Both countries have also set up a joint group, with the UK providing £8m to help improve Pakistan’s forensic investigation capability and strengthen intelligence sharing in areas such as tracking terrorist financing. This does not include the 500 million pounds ($947 million) Britain has granted in “development aid” to Afghanistan.

    American taxpayers subsidized Pakistan to the tune of $1.1 billion, according to a recent report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). In addition, the US disbursed about $3.7 billion to Pakistan for counter terrorism operations from January 2002 to August 2005, said a report of the Congressional Research Services (CRS), the public policy research arm of the US Congress.

    Another $900 million would be provided to Pakistan during the current year and $739 million next year. Pakistan, it needs to be pointed out, has a nuclear weapons project and several nuclear bombs – hardly the trademark of a country supposedly in need of “foreign aid.”

    The “aid” is even more disgraceful when it is considered that in both America and Britain, certain public services are under severe financial strain as a result of public funding shortages – but, as we all know, Israel’s interests always come first and the average White taxpayer must just shut up and pay for our Jewish masters’ plans.

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    News Source: NAN

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