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    Black SA Government Plans to Soon Take White Farmers' Land
    Posted by admin on: 2006-12-31 07:13:53

    In a recent article reported by the website, it describes how the black South African Land Affairs Minister Lulu Xingwana has recently angered white farmers.  These farmers have called Xingwana's most recent comments "racist," and it appears that such accusations are done for good reason and might even have some merit.

    White farmers are targeted and murdered by the thousands by blacks. Blacks often kill the whites in the most brutal ways imaginable, usually raping the white women and sometimes burning alive the white children in the process, and then obtain the former white farmers' land at auction prices. Further exacerbating tensions, the black South African government has been working to "redistribute"--the black communist catch-phrase for stealing--the white farmers' land, offering them pennies on the dollar. 

    As you might expect, such practices are quickly leading to many hungry folks, who get easily angered and causes the downward spiral in South Africa to increase.

    Many of the white farmers' farm-workers are typically black.  The white farmers generally try to treat their farm-workers fairly and decently, though they typically don't like having the workers squatting on their land for various reasons--including the reason that some black farm workers living on the land do so only to get close to the white farm owners in an effort to kill the whites' entire family.  The white farmer owners will consequently--in an effort to remain safe and, more importantly, alive--sometimes have to "evict" the black farm workers for living on the white farmer's land.  It's not safe--nor even hygienic--after all, to have black folks setting up shanty towns on the white farmers' land. 

    Since stepping into office, Land Affairs Minister Xingwana has reportedly all but ignored the murders of the white farmers in South Africa.  Perhaps, this is simply business-as-usual for Xingwana; and she feels that it's OK to murder whites and take their land?  Whatever the case, white farmers have been patiently waiting for Xingwana to condemn the thousands of yearly white farmers who are brutalized and murdered by blacks--what you might expect from South Africa under black rule. 

    In a recent radio address, Xingwana has asked the white farmers not to evict their black squatters, living on the farmland (with a few of them waiting for a chance to kill the farm owners), and perhaps leave them there so that these black farm workers can brutalize the farmers' family at any time they choose.  Still, despite the evictions that occasionally occur, the white farm workers generally try to be kind to their hired help, lest the help not perform in an efficient manner.

    Laurie Bosman, the president of Agriculture South Africa, has responded to Xingwana's remarks by noting that "the minister appeals to us to treat farm workers humanely, not to abuse them and not to evict them - as if we do not treat them humanely, [and only] abuse and evict them.  Why does she never talk about farm killings?  She is tarnishing the farmers' reputation and this hurts the sector. Why does she think that we just evict people?"

    Chief executive officer of the Free State Agricultural Union Pieter Moller suggested that Xingwana was "stretching a hand to us and at the same time making general accusations that are racist.  Farmers are very unhappy ... we are going to write a letter to the president."

    President of the National Association of Farmers Union Motsepe Matlala, an exclusively black farmers' association, defended the seemingly anti-white statements of Xingwana, who has all but ignored the anti-white murder sprees targeting white farmers for their land.  Again ignoring the plight of whites, Matlala suggested that sometimes blacks too are murdered by the black criminals who target the white farmers:

    "The farmers are being killed and so are the farm workers. But the farm workers are not able to make a noise because they depend on the farmer to be able to use the telephone."

    Of course, this isn't true, as many of the black workers do make many noises as they brutalize and murder the white farmers' families.  But perhaps it's not politically correct in South Africa to mention such noises being made.

    Black Land Minister Spokesman Eddie Mulaudzi said that the Land Ministry was puzzled by the farmers' honest comments. He said that there was at least one condemnation of a white farmer's family who was brutally murdered, and perhaps he felt that words in one particular case were more than enough.

    Whites have recently been given an ultimatum by Xingwana that approximately 30 percent of whites must hand over their land to the black government soon, to be redistributed to blacks, or that the government will take it and hand it over to blacks any way.  In August 2006, Xingwana promulgated to whites that by February 2007, the black government would take the whites' land, which will undoubtedly cause massive starvation in Africa:

    "We are now going to negotiate six months - no more, no less. Indeed, we don't have time to be talking and talking for 10 years ... because already our [black] people have been waiting. At least now we have expropriation. Therefore we will no longer waste time negotiating with people who are not committed to transformation."

    The years ahead where whites suffer under black rule will be increasingly harsh, with more folks starving and suffering under black rule.  The only hope that whites will have is if the 10 million of them ban together and completely break away from their black government, who cares little about the whites' lives and what happens to them.

    Media Link

    News Source: Mark Farrell

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