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    White Girl Was Murdered by Black Gangsters in Toronto
    Posted by admin on: 2006-01-02 09:41:48

    By Paul Fromm

    Buried deep in her column on the Yonge Street Massacre, Globe and Mail columnist Christie Blatchford included the confirmation of what we had suspected and what the police and most of the press have studiously suppressed. The gang of crazed gunmen who shot up Yonge Street on Boxing Day and murdered super achiever high school student Jane Creba were Black.

    Blatchford writes: “Both Mr. Thompson and the 17-year-old are young black men, as are, Globe sources say, most of the other dozen or so teens and 20-somethings police believe were involved in the shooting and whose identities are now being aggressively run down by detectives.” (Globe and Mail, Dec. 31, 2005).

    Perhaps, the cover-up began to unravel Dec. 30, when the Toronto Sun ran a front-page photo of one of the two under arrest. His kinky hair and complexion made it crystal clear that he was Black.

    Okay, I concede the point -- it really is all about poverty after all, as floor-flushers like Prime Minister Paul Martin, and NDP leader Jack Layton, already offering alibis for the killers, keep telling us.  Not the poverty of physical want or some mythic exclusionary social order, but a deeply ingrained, ineradicable poverty of both mind and spirit that cannot be made presentable with a spritz of recreational facilities and resume writing classes. 

    It's about people so morally impoverished that if Jamal Hemmings impregnates "Cheesehead's" HO while Cheesehead's doing a stretch in stir, Cheesehead's first act on release is to rub out the sperm donor -- and then, just for good measure, witness Amon Beckles at Hemmings' funeral service. 

    It's about an irreversible form of mental poverty where one tribe "disrespects" a rival tribe through primitive ritual taunts over territory (see story below), and, instead of waving spears, they shoot into a crowd -- at Caribana, on a bus, at a day care centre  or a crowd of Boxing Day shoppers.

    The Hamilton Spectator, in the story below,  fails to inform its readers that Bloods and Crips are Black gangs of drug pushers, named after lethal Black gangs with the same names in Los Angeles. The Ardwick Bloods and Jamestown Crips are Black, mostly Jamaican, drug gangs in Rexdale in northwest Toronto.

    “In November, four men from Toronto and Hamilton were wounded during a shoot-out in downtown Brantford. When police arrived, they found the victims -- some bleeding profusely. They refused to say what happened.

    Shortly after, police stopped a car a few blocks away for driving erratically. As the passengers jumped out, police noticed one of them throwing a loaded handgun under the car. A 26-year-old Hamilton man and 20-year-old from Toronto were charged with possession of a restricted handgun and possession of a dangerous weapon. Until this incident, police said, this type of gun play was almost unheard of in the city of 100,000.

    And according to Toronto police, at least one gangster moved to Brantford this year to escape a deadly vendetta with another Toronto gang.

    Police claim the ongoing feud between the Jamestown Crips Crew and the Ardwick Bloods was sparked by a DVD called Premier Edition Pt. 2. On it is a rap tune recorded by "Tha Squad," reputedly members of the Crips. In the song, rival gang members exchange taunts and try to assert their territorial supremacy. Police believe the DVD triggered a series of shootings in Rexdale this summer, and a homicide. They also claim an unidentified young offender with the Crips relocated in Brantford where he is now selling cocaine.

    Toronto police are trying to determine whether the Toronto Boxing Day shooting -- which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old girl and injuries to six other innocent bystanders -- was connected with the ongoing dispute between the gangs.” (Hamilton Spectator, December 31, 2005).

    Backpeddle, stammer and alibi all you want.  It's still the immigration stupid.

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems that this year the killings did not just gradually die off with the end of Caribana as usual.  Why?  Is it because the police created a power vacuum in September?  I've wondered about the effect of creating holes in such organizations and it seems that might be what's going on (or part of what's going on).  Remember about ten years ago, some US law enforcement gang expert lecturing Toronto Police, telling them that the proliferation of gang tag graffiti was a very dangerous sign -- that they HAD to act right then and there, or they would have established gang activity they would never be able to eradicate? 

    I've often thought of that since -- wonder how many police brass have?  'Of course, on the other hand, we hardly hear anything about Tamil gangs now, and that was effectively what they did with them -- a sweep.

    "An intensive 10-month police investigation called Project Flicker ... targeted what police called the Ardwick Blood Crew, most of whom had already moved out of Ardwick but still conducted business there.  In September, 300 officers raided homes in Toronto, Brantford, and Peel and York regions, resulting in 47 arrests and 1,350 charges including attempted murder, firearms, drug trafficking, armed robbery and participating in a criminal organization. Sixty-one people are facing charges. ... The Flicker charges are still before the courts. Nobody has been found guilty, but those with the most serious charges are behind bars, their attempts at bail unsuccessful. …While massive gang sweeps seem to work, at least initially, a Toronto doctor familiar with the gang scene worries about their long-term effectiveness. Dr. Michael Falk, who has worked at Childrens’ Hospital Los Angeles and with community groups involved with youth gangs, says they ultimately didn't work in L.A. ... The sweeps also create a leadership vacuum and ultimately fail to deal with the generation of kids coming up below them. ‘If you pull those guys out, there's no checks, and so if we think it's bad now, imagine what it would be like with armed 14-year-olds with nothing to lose,’ Falk says.” (Toronto Star Dec 31 2005)

    I still think that key components of taking the streets back are:

    1. Deportation of ANY non-citizen involved in crime.

    2. Stemming any further influx of welfare mammas, dysfunctional families, etc. from the Islands.

    3. Re-vamping citizenship requirements to include 10 years offence free residence here; proficiency in English, established by a written test;  and mastery of  meaningful knowledge of Canadian history, customs and institutions, established by a written test..

    4. No welfare, medicare, or subsidized housing for non-citizens.

    5. Most important, we must be able to talk honestly about the problem. These are not “gangs of youths.” They are gangs of specific types of youths – Blacks, mostly from families where there are no fathers. The dysfunctional families, which is a cultural thing, is a major cause of the problem. Here the doctrine of multiculturalism – all cultures are equal and everyone should be encouraged to practice his culture – adds to the problem.

    6. Stop making excuses for the killers. Yes, that means you Paul Martin and Jack Layton. These are not “marginalized” youth. They’re stone cold killers.

    The only “marginalized” person in the Yonge Street Massacre is poor, lovely Jane Creba. She’s suffered the ultimate marginalizing: she’s dead!

    Paul Fromm, Director, Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

    News Source: Paul Fromm

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