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    Third World Resistant?
    Posted by admin on: 2007-03-15 19:08:25

    Photo: After hitting a mine, a Cougar suffered a destroyed tire and fender damage, but the crew suffered only minor injuries.

    ABC news through Nightline has recently promoted the use of the armored vehicles the personnel transport, the Cougar, and the mine-sweeper, the Buffalo, for use in Iraq.

    The source of the design for these vehicles is explained in this newspaper article:
    South African design used

    The V-shaped hull of the new vehicles sets them apart from more vulnerable Humvees and is the source of military officials' hope that they can stem the tide of casualties from roadside bombs.

    South African security forces pioneered the use of the V-hull design during that country's apartheid era decades ago. They proved effective in deflecting blasts upward and outward, thus protecting occupants against explosions from below, said Daniel Goure, vice president of the Lexington Institute, a think tank near Washington, D.C., that includes military spending among its list of research topics.

    Goure said that the white South African government needed a blast-resistant vehicle to survive ambushes and land mines encountered during its intervention in the civil war in Angola.

    "What you had in South Africa was a small military covering a large area," Goure said.

    While White technology can save many from the threat of Third World life forms, it was the disease of the Jewish created Social Marxism that is destroying White lives in South Africa through the African horror it has unleashed.

    The Jewish Neocons have tricked the U.S. into wars against those who threaten Israel’s domination of the Middle East. While White technology like the Buffalo and Cougar can’t save the West in the end, the National Alliance can be the true salvation because it attacks the source of the problem.
    Media Link

    News Source: Lewis Doherty

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