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    Free Speech Versus Jewish Propaganda in Australia
    Posted by admin on: 2007-03-26 16:35:50

    By Mark Farrell -- It is a very strange world today.  A long time ago, if you didn't believe the earth was flat, you'd suffer for such beliefs, as Galileo Galilei discovered when he proclaimed the earth was indeed round.  At the time, the government insisted that you believe the earth was flat, and punished Galileo for his differing beliefs.

    Also, if your religious beliefs differed from the main church at one time in much of Europe, you could also be jailed.

    Today, people are given a wide berth in what they're allowed to believe.  You can believe the earth is flat, as some folks foolishly do.  You can believe in almost any religion if you live in a western nation. 

    You don't have to believe that the Soviets murdered 40 million of their own during peace-time, and destroyed the churches--despite massive evidence to attest to this.

    You don't have to believe that the Chinese communist Chairman Mao killed millions of his own Chinese; you can believe that he helped his people and was a good man, as some people to this day still believe.

    You can even believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, if you'd like.  But you're not forced to believe in such nonsense, as you are with the Jewish propaganda surrounding the Holocaust in many parts of Europe and Canada today.

    It's true: If you so much as announce to the public that you doubt the Jews' magical number of 6 million killed during the Holocaust in Europe and Canada, you will, most likely, go to jail, as David Irving, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, and a host of other folks have discovered.  Or if you dare to question the so-called 'homicidal gas chambers,' you may also go to jail. 

    For even defending someone in court on these matters in Europe, you may also suffer legal reprisals, as the attorney Sylvia Stolz discovered.  She now stands on trial in Germany for doubting Jewish exaggerations and lies.

    Now, in Australia, Dr. Fredrick Toben is to stand on trial later this year for doubting WWII Jewish propaganda.  Being a lover of truth like Galileo Galilei, Dr. Toben has deviated from the Jewish doctrine and has openly announced this--that he doesn't believe everything he has been fed with respect to the Jews' Holocaust. 

    Why should he be forced to believe what the Jews' say?  Why should Dr. Toben be forced to believe propaganda so baseless that it can only be maintained with totalitarian laws?

    The Australian Council of Jewry want to make an example out of Dr. Toben.  They would probably be crying for medieval tortures if still allowed.  Nevertheless, the Jews want to see Dr. Toben imprisoned for his beliefs.

    There is still time to change this.  It may be too late for Canada and much of Europe, but you can help make a difference in Australia.

    If you'd like to promote free speech, encourage open debate, and allow the truth to spread around the world, please consider making a direct donation to Dr. Fredrick Toben.  Please don't wait until he's in jail, as it may be too late then. 

    Let his trial be known as the Trial of the Century--when truth prevailed over Jewish propaganda.

    To send direct donations to him, write – Dr. Fredrick Toben, The Adelaide Institute, P.O. Box 3300, Adelaide 5067, AUSTRALIA

    Dr. Toben's website

    News Source: Mark Farrell

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