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    Honor and the Railroading of Shaun Walker
    Posted by admin on: 2007-05-05 07:08:54

    American Dissident Voices Broadcast for May 5, 2007

    Hello again, and welcome to this week’s edition of American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

    Most of you have probably heard by now about the recent conviction of former Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker and former Alliance member Travis Massey in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, April 20th. Walker and Massey were convicted of both charges against them: conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, and interference with a federally protected activity. Each charge carries with it a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. The sentencing is scheduled for later this summer.

    Internet accounts of the trial allege that Walker, Massey, and another man, Eric Egbert, conspired to deprive a bartender of Mexican descent of his civil rights in a bar on New Year’s Eve 2002 and that Massey and a person named Keith Cotter – who testified on the government’s behalf – assaulted a man of Native American descent two-and-a-half months later, on March 15, 2003.

    Because of the gag order that Walker and Massey have been under since their arrest, and also because trying to get clear and unbiased information from the major news outlets is virtually impossible, I don’t have all of the details about the case. Apparently, a scuffle broke out in a bar the night that Walker, Massey, and Egbert were patrons at that bar and, from what I gather, a bartender threw a drink in someone’s face and there was possibly some uncouth language.

    I heard nothing at all about any serious results from that so-called “fight”: no drawing of concealed-carry handguns; no barstools used as weapons; no broken noses, hands, or limbs; and no stitches or trips to the emergency room. As a former professional boxer – who was used to giving and receiving the sort of beating to the head and torso that almost always resulted in severe bruising and swelling, and sometimes drew blood or broke bones – it all seems pretty ordinary and relatively tame to me. It might have been the sort of shoving and yelling contest that can be found on any given day on any American playground, in any American home with two or more children, and even in many of the American public school classrooms.

    In fact, the only identifiable result that came out of what the Internet news media call a “beating” was a couple of bruised egos. But in the hands of the FBI, those bruised egos have now taken on immense proportions, for two reasons. One reason is that a non-White bartender apparently had his ego bruised in the verbal spat, and the other is that one of the men at the bar that night became, more than two long years later, the Chairman of our enemies’ most-hated organization, the National Alliance.

    That combination of reasons, along with the intensive FBI investigation of Shaun Walker that – I am told – began a mere three weeks after Walker assumed the Chairmanship of the Alliance on April 25, 2005, has now unjustly landed an innocent man in prison. And when I say “innocent man,” what I mean is that former Chairman Walker is no criminal. At worst, he engaged in some pushing and a little name-calling. Someone threw beer in someone else’s face, tempers momentarily flared, and there was some shoving. In the view of any rational American who yet possesses any degree of common sense, it was no big deal. But in the minds of the FBI and those who conspire with the FBI in selectively targeting particular individuals, it WAS a big deal.

    The prosecution also brought up during the trial that some coarse language came up during the scuffle in which Walker, Massey, and Egbert were allegedly involved. Suffice it to say that the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” has all but disappeared in the politically-correct straitjacket that now suffocates the American landscape. Suppose that all of the White race-traitors, Jews, and other non-Whites who have called White racialists names over the years were prosecuted and thrown in the slammer for a few years. Perhaps the only good thing that could come of that would be that after the former White race-traitors had spent some time in prison, they would probably come out having a better appreciation of the significance of race in our society and throughout the entire White world.

    The point here is that former Chairman Walker wasn’t judged to have broken the law on the same playing field as everyone else is. Rather, like many other prominent White racialists, Shaun Walker was selectively targeted by the authorities and unjustly convicted on bogus and petty charges. That means that Walker joins men like – to name a few – David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Chester Doles in being singled out by the authorities, spied upon, and arrested at opportune moments.

    Undoubtedly, the lives of such men were under constant surveillance. So much for privacy, individual rights, and the assumption of innocence until proven guilty – five years ago, the Patriot Act following 9/11 destroyed what remained of an individual’s rights to privacy in the United States.

    Let me give you an analogy. For most people, getting stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation is largely a matter of chance. You have to have been breaking a traffic law (or must have appeared to have been breaking a traffic law) AND a police officer who just happened to be in the vicinity must have seen it and cared enough to pull you over. In its effect on the average American, the Patriot Act gives the government the authority to – in keeping with the analogy – assign a squad car to YOU, to follow YOU around while you’re driving.

    But, unlike your ability to see the squad car following you, with the Patriot Act, the government can check on all sorts of things without your knowledge. You don’t know what’s being looked at and what isn’t. It makes for something resembling a police-state, although that doesn’t bother most people because they have no quarrel with the present System and, because of that, the System has no interest in them, outside of them paying their taxes to foot the bill so that, for example, George W. Bush can send Americans to die in Iraq and so FBI agents can waste thousands of man-hours cooking up dirt on law-abiding Americans. In terms of my analogy, the System isn’t going to bother assigning a squad car to follow them around. The government considers them to be sheep, and is quite correct in its estimation that it would be a waste of time to spy on them.

    For those of us who take exception to the current way of things, though, the Patriot Act gives the authorities free reign to sift through the lives and correspondence of dissenters at their leisure. If the System were worried about infractions against its traffic laws, they’d assign squad cars to us White leaders ASAP. It’s a low point in a nation’s history when its government takes pains to spy on the day-to-day lives of law-abiding citizens.

    But for people like Shaun Walker, it’s worse than just day-to-day spying. Shaun Walker had more than the hypothetical 24-hour squad car watching his every move. He had an army of FBI agents rummaging through the ash can of history, leaving no leaf unturned in trying to dredge up some dirt on an honorable man. It’s as though the police removed a data-taking device from Walker’s car, a device that recorded how fast he had been driving and what the allowable speed regulations were at any given time, and pored over its data, searching for a time and place where Walker exceeded the speed limit. And when they found a slight impropriety, they prosecuted him. For an ordinary person, such an impropriety would have been forgotten without a second thought. But not for a White racialist leader like Shaun Walker.

    Of course, there was no 24-hour cop following Shaun Walker’s every move. There was no device removed from Walker’s car and analyzed to find discrepancies between Walker’s driving speed and the applicable speed limits. That was just an analogy I made up to help explain things. But only a fool could believe that the government wasn’t closely watching a man like Walker, who headed the only serious and disciplined racialist organization in the Western Hemisphere. And only a fool could believe that the government didn’t pore through every piece of information they could get their hands on about Walker’s past.

    It is a testament to former Chairman Walker’s integrity that, after an intensive investigation lasting more than a year – and with another entire year to scrounge up further evidence after his arrest – the feds could only come up with the most pathetic excuse to throw the book at him: a shoving and shouting episode in a bar. I wonder what kind of a rap sheet would emerge from an honest investigation of, say, George W. Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, or any of the other high-level government officials who seem to have had no problems with their conscience in killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and in sending thousands of American troops to a dusty, Middle Eastern death.

    So what are we to make of former Chairman Walker’s conviction? In my mind, it is clear that our enemies have decided to use this “selective prosecution” tactic in an effort to shut us up. They’ve used it against Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel and against longtime White activist Chester Doles. Now they’ve used it against Shaun Walker. And they are using it because their propaganda campaign isn’t scaring people away from the White Racialist Cause as well as they want it to.

    Although our enemies have essentially monopolized the mainstream media – newspapers, television, movies, and the entertainment industry – they have been unable to squelch the White Racialist message on – most noticeably – the Internet. This worldwide medium has allowed the message of Our Cause to flourish: it has swelled our book and music sales, increased the audience of our Internet news outlets, and contributed to the wider dissemination of our other outreach efforts, like this American Dissident Voices program. Thus, despite our limited media resources – as compared to those of our enemies – the influence of the White racialist message has grown as well. In addition, Chairman Walker’s strong effort to keep the National Alliance unified and moving forward – as well as his emphasis on keeping our Local Units active, aggressive, and focused on addressing local issues – were other key reasons he was targeted.

    So it seems that our enemies believe that, at this time, the best way to destroy the Cause of the Alliance – and the White Racialist Cause in general – is to imprison its leaders, just as they have done in Germany and other countries that, unlike the United States, do not even pretend to have freedom of speech. Such a prospect is, admittedly at first, a scary one. Getting locked up for one’s beliefs isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. Some of the more timid activists might well fold up and quit at the thought of prosecution by the authorities.

    Of course, that is exactly what our enemies want. Not only do they want to put White leaders out of commission, they also want to scare off the followers. They are counting on people’s fear to govern their behavior, to cause them to give up White racial activism and to live the quiet life.

    You know, governing by fear DOES work sometimes. That’s how the communists governed the Soviet Union for decades. After promising the Russian people everything, the Jewish-led communists turned the tables on the hapless Russians, Estonians, Latvians, Germans, and the other peoples who resided within the borders of the Soviet Union. They formed the NKVD to carry out all the beastly activities of terrorizing the people. They built and manned the slave-labor camp that Russian author and former camp inmate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn described in vivid detail in his encyclopedic work, The Gulag Archipelago.

    I don’t believe that we can get totally away from fear. Everyone is afraid of something, even the soldier who “fearlessly” stands his ground in the face of blistering enemy fire. That soldier, indeed, may have no fear of bullets, rocket-propelled grenades, or even death. That fact, without doubt, makes him unusual; I would guess that, at some level, most soldiers ARE afraid of dying. So what is this “fearless” soldier afraid of?

    He’s afraid of dishonor. He’s afraid of cowardice. He’s afraid of the humiliation that would follow from not doing his duty in the heat of battle. And that fear, which he might not even recognize as fear, drives him to “fearless” feats of bravery on the battlefield.

    That’s the kind of fear that we Whites need to be more in tune with: the fear of dishonor, of chickening out when the going gets tough. Other fears are less important – fear of prosecution, fear of peer rejection, for example. Because when one has lost one’s honor...well, that is, indeed, a fate worse than death for any true White man.

    So what is the honorable choice in the face of the government’s efforts to frighten us into silence and passivism? Is it honorable to renounce one’s beliefs out of fear of prosecution? Is it honorable to simply quit and watch from the sidelines as your people’s enemies mock and humiliate them while, at the same time, they ruthlessly and methodically destroy them?

    You know, perhaps the worst thing one can do in one’s life is to stand for nothing, to have passion for nothing. That’s why I feel closer to an active and liberal White college student than I do a middle-of-the-road White fence-sitter. The one has fire and energy, but it is just directed down the wrong channels. The latter is passive, more or less like a small piece of driftwood in a creek; wherever the current leads, that’s where he goes.

    Shaun Walker didn’t do that. Shaun Walker took the high road – the road of honor – on behalf of his people. Now he’s going to be burned at the stake for it. And he’s going to continue wearing that badge of honor all the way to that stake and into the future.

    Now, more than ever, White racialists need to stand for something, and to stand strong in doing it. Now is not the time to give in to fear. More important is honor.

    And we need to show that we’ve got it.

    I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

    News Source: Erich Gliebe

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