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    Dividing the White Manís Pie Too Many Ways
    Posted by Lewis Doherty on: 2007-05-11 18:05:43

    As often observed on this page, Third Worlders donít like living in the non-White countries they created and will pass by numerous countries inhabited by Third World life forms to get to a predominately White society. The problem is that as the more non-Whites pour into a society, the society begins to take on the dysfunctional characteristics of the areas they fled.

    Many African-"Americans" lucked out because their ancestors were the losers in tribal warfare and sold as slaves ending up in predominately White America. They donít have to live in the hell of Africa or Haiti.

    As a result, the invasion from south of the border is not going well with many African-"Americans." They donít want to live in Mexico.

    The following article states many African-"Americans" complain the immigrants are "piggybacking off the strides made during the civil rights movement." Of course the Third World immigration invasion is based on the concepts of "civil rights" and "anti-racism/race denial."

    Blacks see threat from Hispanic illegal aliens --†Blacks in the region are joining Minuteman militia groups opposed to illegal Hispanic aliens working in the United States, saying they take jobs from blacks and piggyback off the strides made during the civil rights movement.

    Several blacks Friday attended a Minuteman rally in the District. And yesterday, Ted Hayes, a black Los Angeles-based homeless activist and founder of the Crispus Attucks Brigade, held a rally in Upper Senate Park denouncing attempts by immigrant rights groups to link their movement to that of black civil rights.

    "Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to black people since slavery," Mr. Hayes said. "The civil rights movement was made by black citizens of this country, but [illegal aliens] are claiming civil rights as a key to cross the American border illegally."

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