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    Lessons from the Moon Quest
    Posted by admin on: 2007-12-01 08:10:17

    American Dissident Voices broadcast for December 1, 2007

    Hello, and welcome once again to American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

    We are ending our fifth calendar year after the passing of National Alliance founder, Dr. William Pierce. I miss him greatly, as do many of you, and I often wish he were still here to offer his suggestions on improving the Alliance’s overall effectiveness. We are inspired by his memory and by his example of a life well-lived, and we in the National Alliance have so far kept his vision alive. We intend to continue doing just that.

    Despite attacks by our enemies, our organization is doing well. No matter what you may hear, we are moving forward. Three weeks ago we held a very successful Western states Regional Conference in Las Vegas, and I was extremely impressed with the high quality of those in attendance. Our message of truth reaches out to a whole cross section of our race, and I’m quite confident the quality of our membership will continue to rise.

    Throughout the ups and downs of the period following Dr. Pierce’s death, I have been encouraged by the unwavering resolve of our members and supporters. On the whole, our membership is firmly committed to our task; the overwhelming majority of you realize that National Alliance membership and activities do not enhance your job prospects or make you more money. The only thing we can offer you is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that, in the Alliance, your life matters. All future generations of little White boys and girls depend on your actions today for their existence many thousands of years from now. That prospect is too far down the road for most of our mainstream kinsmen; if the goal is too long-sighted, they aren’t interested. But besides the long term, collective achievement we are striving for, we also know the present-time, personal benefits of working towards a noble and far-sighted goal and, for us, those benefits far outweigh the short-range, dead-end benefits that the mainstreamers scurry after.

    As we look toward the future, one of my hopes is that each one of you will find a way to help the National Alliance. Our organization must, to a large degree, parallel mainstream society. In other words, we need as many different varieties of capable and productive White people as possible, and these people need to be using their skills to advance Our Cause in every way imaginable. This means that everyone in our organization should be able to find something that he or she can contribute. If you are already an activist, keep up the good work and perhaps set the goal of increasing your output by 20% in 2008.

    As an example of this necessary teamwork and division of labor, think of what White people did for the first time 39 years ago. The American space program began in 1957 after the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik satellite into Earth orbit. A mere twelve years later, American Whites were standing on the Moon. Because the story of America’s journey to the Moon easily captures the pioneering spirit and sense of imagination of our people, I want to briefly relate that effort to our situation today. The details of NASA’s effort are fascinating, but more important here are the parallels between the Moon program and the Alliance’s program.

    The NASA Moon team had a clear goal in mind: the Moon. Our immediate goal is White living space. We know what we want: we just have to figure out how to get it. This puts us light-years ahead of the stopgap conservatives, who have a hard time specifying exactly what you want, other than to say over and over that the country is going to hell.

    Both NASA and Our Cause were promoted by men who – despite being, in many ways, polar opposites – looked further than even the brightest conventional thinkers, and who were bold enough to state their unconventional visions to a shocked society. The Moon team was inspired by President Kennedy’s vision, faith, and his unrestrained support of the space program. After his assassination in 1963, NASA’s shot at the Moon became a crusade in his memory. The worldview promoted by the Alliance was, most recently, given new direction and vision through the life and actions of Dr. William Pierce. Upon his death, we feel the urge to personally embrace his plan for our people and to fulfill it.

    The public initially believed that the Moon team’s goal was impossible to achieve. At the moment, much of the public believes we will fail. In time, just as the public grew to accept that our chances of revamping society according to our worldview are much better than they looked in the past, especially given the inherent instability of the present multicultural society.

    NASA was essentially a select, separate society from mainstream America, and so is the National Alliance. The quest for the Moon occurred during the height of the ‘civil rights’ madness. While NASA was working to elevate man and to help him learn more about the physical universe, the Jew-led counterculture was pushing the Western world towards self-destruction. Today, we face the prospect of being the only force for true progress in a world turned upside down.

    The Moon team had a competitor: the Soviet Union. Our competitor is the Jew. The Soviets won the first two battles: first satellite, first man in space, first woman in space, first spacewalk, and first man in Earth orbit. The American team eventually got their act together much later, but eventually caught the Soviets – and then passed them. In our struggle, the Jew organized his forces first and the initial victories were his. We racialists joined the battle late and only now are we claiming a few victories. With continued work, we will one day declare ultimate victory over the Jew.

    There were setbacks for NASA. There have been setbacks for us, and we can expect more attempts to derail our work in the future. The most well known setback for NASA was the fire during the dress rehearsal of the Apollo 1 launch, in which astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were killed. Since Dr. Pierce’s founding of the Alliance, the organization has suffered setback after setback. Each time, though, we have picked up the pieces and bounced back, progressing farther than we had before. Setbacks should not deter us from our task; they should steel our resolve and spur us to become more than we have been before.

    A massive effort was needed for NASA’s success; nothing less will do for us. The  expense and exertion required to carry out just the first three American space programs – Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo – is mind-boggling: scientists to gather information on the secrets of space; engineers to design spacecraft and the countless other pieces of equipment; technicians to build the items, test the equipment, and man the control terminals; and people to manage the whole process and troubleshoot in times of crisis… these are just a few of the things needed to put men on the Moon. Our Cause, if it is to succeed, depends on a maximum effort on our part, with many people doing many different things, each of which by itself may seem inconsequential, but al of them contributing to the success of our worldview.

    NASA needed the input and strength of every branch of our race. So do we. Many of the designers of the rockets that propelled the astronauts into space were imported German scientists who had begun working with rockets in Germany long before Americans had even thought about it. Americans of every White ethnicity – Celtic, Mediterranean, Slavic, Germanic, and of course, combinations of these – played needed roles in the space program. Similarly, we must use every weapon available from every branch of our race. Each ethnicity has a place in our program and in the new White world we are building.

    The whole world was watching on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took man’s first steps on the Moon. In the not-too-distant-future, we hope, the whole world will be watching as we take our first noticeable steps toward White self-determination. There will be many interested spectators when we attempt to wrest power from the Jews. Some – Muslims in the Middle East, for example – will probably be cheering for us; some, non-Whites throughout the Western world, for instance – will probably be cheering against us; and many of our people will just watch, waiting to see which side they want to join.

    As long as NASA’s vision was intact, the space program progressed at a rapid pace. From now on, we must keep our vision of biological elevation always before us. After the first lunar landings in the late 1960s, some thinkers at NASA made tentative plans for constructing space habitats: an Earth-orbiting space station, a Moon-orbiting space station, and a permanent base on the lunar surface. Those plans also called for the first manned expedition to Mars by the mid-1980s. Needless to say, most of these higher- and upward-looking plans – that is to say, White plans – were canned once the Jewish media got bored with the space program and as soon as the government found other, more Jew-pleasing places for our tax dollars. Once we have achieved our short-range goal of White living space, our people’s vision must never again become clouded. There will always be short-term problems to cope with, of course, but the long-term goal of racial evolution so deeply felt by William Pierce will always be the guiding light for al our people’s activities.

    Everyone who participated in the Moon program were profoundly affected by the experience, and everyone who chooses to participate in our program can never go back to being the same person he was before he made that choice. Interviews with former astronauts and mission controllers reveal that, for many of them, the Moon years were the most meaningful years of their lives. These men felt that they were doing something important, something that they would have lasting meaning. Now that it is over, they look back with reverence and wistfulness at the days they worked themselves to the bone in America’s quest for the Moon. For all our kinsmen, the Alliance’s Cause should represent a philosophical – almost holy – calling that induces in our souls a reverence of which nothing else is worthy, and it should spur us to spare no expense in contributing to that mission.

    There were, of course, many differences between NASA’s Moon quest and the Alliance, but I don’t want to dwell on those now. The mystique and romance associated with White man’s first small steps off our home planet ensure that that credible story will continue to be told for centuries. Just think of the stories young Whites of the future will hear if we succeed at our task! The Moon story will pale in comparison.

    Men would never have set foot on the Moon without the hundreds of thousands of people across the country who contributed to NASA’s extraordinary effort. And perhaps the best lesson of all from the Moon quest is that when enough intelligent and hard-working White men and women of good will decide they are going to do something and choose to cooperate as one body, they are going to succeed. That’s a very comforting fact, and I hope that in 2008 you choose to lend your time and talents to the attainment of William Pierce’s most cherished vision.

    And one thing I’ll add here, is that while the Moon quest was probably our race’s greatest technological achievement, there are some whackos out there who think it’s a big hoax, a conspiracy. Perhaps this is to cloud the air in exposing the greatest hoax of our time, that being the official Holocaust story. Well in issue #138 of National Vanguard magazine, the legitimacy of the Moon landing is explained, while the illegitimacy of the Holocaust is exposed. You can purchase a copy of National Vanguard #137 online for only $6.00 postpaid.

    I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

    News Source: Erich Gliebe

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