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    National Socialist ,84, Still Standing Up, Without Fear, For The Truth
    Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2007-12-21 01:15:12

    An unrepentant old Nazi officer who served in some of the detention camps during World War II gives the Roman salute in Spain where he has taken refuge for 60 years from the hateful "hunts" of senior citizens staged by the Jewish supremacists at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Now Paul Maria Hafner is the subject of a TV documentary called "Hafner's Paradise" which chronicles his life in exile - and how he manages to draw pensions from three countries. Just how many documentaries have been done this year questioning Jews who receive pensions from two or more sources for being prisoners in the labor camps?

    Hafner ,84, refuses to buckle to Jewish pressure and stands up for the honor and dignity of the German people, a stand that would put him behind bars in the democratic nations of Germany or Austria. Hafner calls Auschwitz, where Jews once claimed that four million Jews were murdered, then dropped the number to 1.5 million, and now the linked article claims 1.1 million, "a ten star motel" where "Jews were sent for their own protection. All that stuff about murder is Allied propaganda crap." Of Hitler comrade Hafner says : " I regard him as the greatest man who ever lived, the most important person in the history of the world."

     He said he gets out of bed every day to give the Roman salute to his Fuehrer. He agreed to a documentary being made on him "because I want to set the record straight about our ideals and our cause during the Third Reich." He says he dreams of seeing a Fourth Reich in Germany adding : "I am only sorry I will not be around to see it." "No Jew was ever killed under Hitler for being a Jew," he said in the documentary. Hafner draws his pensions not for being a willing participant as a "victim" in the greatest hoax in the history of mankind, the "Holocaust", but for serving as a camp guard as a German SS man, an old age pension for working for many years as a pig farmer in Spain, and one from Italy because it is the land of his birth.

    In the documentary, to be released in the spring in the UK, Hafner is brought face-to-face with a prisoner from the Dachau camp. "You survived quite well," Hafner responds matter-of-factly after the Jew recounts his "painful" memories. Bravo to Mr. Hafner, bravo indeed!

    Media Link

    News Source: Mark Farrell

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