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    Canadian Patriots Challenge Constitutionality of Jew Censorship
    Posted by admin on: 2005-11-28 03:29:49

    Canadian patriots are launching a court application to have the efforts of the Chief Jew Censor of the “Canadian Human Rights Commission”, Richard Warman, declared null and void by showing that the censorship powers granted to the CRHC exceed the rights of the authorities as determined by that country’s constitution.

    Well-known Canadian patriot Marc Lemire and the Freedomsite have launched the application, after being targeted by the Jew Warman in his latest democratic attempt to silence opposition to Jewish Supremacism. T

    he purpose of this action is to get around the democratic principle enshrined in Canadian law that ‘truth is no defense’ when it comes to matters of race. This means that anything a Canadian patriot says, about anybody, even if true, can be deemed to be a criminal offense.

    Paul Fromm, director of the Canadian Association for Freedom of Expression, explains it this way:

    “Marc is filing this groundbreaking motion challenging the new powers granted to the Canadian Human Rights Commission – powers (huge fines, awards of people who claim their victims of ‘retaliation) – that went far beyond the intrusive powers endorsed by the Supreme Court in 1990 in the Taylor decision.

    “In those days, the Commisssion through Sec. 13.1 only had control over telephone message machines – a communications outreach used by poor, dissident populists. “Now, truth is no defence and the government, while leaving our borders open to hordes of terrorists, have given the Canadian Human Rights Commission control over the Internet as part of Bill C-38, our 2001 “anti-terrorist” legislation. Osama Ben Laden is quaking in his boots, for sure.

    "The real targets are domestic dissidents – tax rebels like Fred Kyburz and Eldon Warman; immigration reformers and free speech supporters like the Canadian Heritage Alliance, Jessy D. and Der Totenkopf, Glenn Bahr and the Freedomsite; and critics of Zionism like Tom Winnicki.

    “Many of these people are young and being hammered for their enthusiasm and idealism and because they haven’t adopted the suck, cringing rhetoric of multiculturalism and White self-hatred.”

    Lemire will argue that the freedoms enjoyed by Canadians under the law in the 1950s cannot be destroyed using section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights as a justification; and, further, that such freedoms are preserved by virtue of the Canadian Bill of Rights and section 26 of the Charter. Parliament has no jurisdiction under the Constitution Act, 1867, to abrogate the right of citizens in a democracy to discuss matters of public policy and administration, be it social, economic or political, reads the application.

    *Anyone interested in helping to finance these brave Canadian patriots as they take on the might of Jewish Supremacism, is welcome to send any donation, no matter how small or large, to CAFÉ (Freedomsite Fund), Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada. Or call 905-897-7221

    News Source: NAN

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