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    What Will the Masters of Deceit Do Next?
    Posted by Lewis Doherty on: 2008-05-18 20:41:59
    The Neocons and other Jewish/Israeli interests aren’t too happy with Obama.

    Considering their track record for deceit, use of agent provocateurs and false flag operations, they may well assassinate him and blame it on “White Supremacists.”

    That way, Clinton or McCain goes into the Presidency and they are able to conduct endless investigations of “White Supremacists,” generate media attacks on pro-White groups and “ideology,” and increase the governments’ powers and resources to ‘fight violence and terrorism,” as they have done with the ‘War against Terrorism.” Assassinating Obama would provide them with what is essentially a triple play. 

    One can only imagine McCain and Senator Clinton giving “unity” and “stop the hate” speeches after such an incident.

    While this might seem preposterous, the fact this gang was able to get the U.S. and governments of other countries to take the bait for the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and support of terrorism hoaxes show that little is beyond their reach. Even with warnings that these were Neo-Con fabrications, they were able to pull it off.

    What would be the big deal of killing a temporarily useful Black when they have already killed off thousands of Americans and Iraqis?

    Obama Says Bush and McCain Are ‘Fear Mongering’ in Attacks

    WATERTOWN, S.D. — Senator Barack Obama responded sharply on Friday to attacks on his foreign policy, linking President Bush and Senator John McCain as partners in “the failed policies” of the past seven years and criticizing them for “hypocrisy, fear peddling, fear mongering.”

    Confronting a major challenge to his world view, Mr. Obama tried to turn the tables on his critics, saying they were guilty of “bluster” and “dishonest, divisive” tactics. He cited a litany of what he called foreign policy blunders by the Bush administration and accused Mr. McCain, the presumed Republican nominee, of “doubling down” on them.

    “George Bush and John McCain have a lot to answer for,” Mr. Obama said at a midday forum here, listing the Iraq war, the strengthening of Iran and groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, Osama bin Laden’s being still at large and stalled diplomacy in other parts of the Middle East among their chief failings.


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