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    Rolling the Election Dice
    Posted by admin on: 2008-05-24 10:32:40

    American Dissident Voices broadcast for May 24th, 2008

    Welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

    This week, let’s sum up a little of what’s been going on in politics, and particularly, what’s happening with the election campaigns.

    It looks like Hillary Clinton is at last resigned to giving up the Democratic presidential nomination in favor of Barack Obama. Despite her win in the Kentucky Democratic primary, everyone seems to be in pretty close agreement that Senator Clinton’s one remaining task is to bow out of the race gracefully, which will set up the battle for the White House between Democratic Senator Obama and Republican Senator John McCain.

    If you’ve been tuning in to these broadcasts for any length of time, you know I’m convinced that very little that is good can come from the democratic political process. For one thing, as the saying goes, whatever is popular is not always right. And nor is it, I might add, usually in the best interests of the White race. The great masses simply don’t know what is best for the whole race in the long term. They can only think and reason in terms of immediate positives or negatives, which is one reason why most Americans got an extra check back from the government this year: to keep the masses calm and give them a shot of temporary euphoria. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill – perhaps in a moment of sobriety in the midst of an otherwise alcohol-dominated life – is said to have stated, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” For all of Churchill’s faults, he was dead-on accurate on this count; even if armed with all of the right information, most people can’t think far enough ahead and with a wide-enough scope to be able to make decisions that will positively influence the affairs of a whole nation.

    But besides the innate shortcomings of the typical voter, democracy in the West today has another and equally devastating strike against it; and that is that the Jews hold the reins of power in the world of thoughts and ideas – that is, in the media world. I’ve said that even if the average American had all of the facts, it would be hard for him to sort through them to make good, long-term decisions. But with the Jews having almost complete control over the ideas and the spins that make their way into the minds of the masses, democracy has virtually no chance to benefit our people in any way, and is certain to stay within the very safe channels of what is Politically Correct. As such, it would be very unwise for White racialists to put even a token faith in the system of democracy.

    Having said all of that, however, there might be a few good things that eventually come out of this long and arduous Democratic election campaign. Firstly, it appears now with near-absolute certainty that the bid for the White House will pit a Black man against a White one. Now, granted, Obama is well-spoken, intelligent, and a far cry from the great majority of Blacks in the United States, and John McCain is definitely NOT the man that we White racialists would promote to the status of “poster boy for the White race,” but nonetheless, it will be instructive to see how the Jewish media try to manage the Presidential campaign and how the masses respond. Despite all of the media pressure to steer the attention away from the race issue, it will be a challenge for the Jewish media to completely keep the Black vs. White issue out of the minds of the masses.

    Actually, I should say that it will be a challenge for the Jewish media to completely keep the Black vs. White issue out of the minds of the WHITE masses. After all, it is only for the minds of the White masses that everyone has been vying now for decades, since the non-Whites vote faithfully in defense of their own interests rather than the national good. And so everyone already knows that the Black masses are going to vote for Obama.

    In fact, on that note, perhaps we ought to let the Black voters vote for President early; say, next week. This would serve a few purposes. For one thing, it would reduce congestion at the polling places on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. It wouldn’t change the popular vote at all, since – as I mentioned earlier – it won’t matter whether the Blacks vote next week or six months from now: they are all going to vote for Obama. And secondly, in the minds of all Blacks, it would probably nullify the last few hundred years of alleged oppression of the Black race by the White, since the Blacks will finally get to do something first. By midsummer, everyone everywhere will have forgotten about the alleged crimes of one race against another, and we can all start off with a clean slate.

    Then again, maybe having the Blacks vote next week is not such a good idea, since it would look a little odd to some of the more naïve White voters when all of the exit polls showed anywhere from 95% to 100% of the vote going to Obama. But the good news there is that we could immediately direct more tax dollars to the precincts that have less than 98% in favor of Obama, since Black illiteracy and/or drug dependency are clearly issues in those locales – so much so that they interfere with being able to understand the names printed on a ballot.

    Anyway, the other good thing about this election campaign is that, with Senator Clinton staying in the contest for as long as she has, there have developed a few rifts in the Democratic Party. Blacks have sided with Obama, while Whites are split between both candidates. Older voters have tended to back Clinton, while younger ones have gravitated towards Obama. Whether or not those rifts can be healed enough for the Democrats to take the White House in November remains to be seen.

    The one thing that Obama has going for him in terms of his showdown with the lackluster McCain – aside from the Illinois Senator’s dynamic personality and eloquence with words – is his strong stance against the war in Iraq. Of all the themes and issues that have been bounced around during the primary campaigns, the one that has set Obama off from the rest of the field is his outspoken opposition to the war.

    We’ve talked before on this program how the Jewish Establishment maneuvered the U.S. into the war in Iraq on false pretenses, as well as how that Establishment now generally favors a continued U.S. presence in Iraq, in order that Iran doesn’t run amok with the torch of fanatical Islam in the Middle East and thereby threaten the security of Israel. McCain is obviously in the camp of the Jews and understands very well his responsibility to do everything he can to please his masters and ensure that the American troops stay right where they are and do their job, which is to protect Israel. The Jewish power players would be quite content with McCain residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, since his track record gives no evidence that he has the sack to buck the will of the Jews.

    Clinton, for her turn, started out at the beginning of the primary run being a fairly vocal opponent of the war, but that energy has all but fizzled out into a pathetically weak stance to the effect that she wants to bring the troops home, but that we’ll need to assess political realities in terms of the war on terror and the stability of Iraq before we make any rash moves. To me, Hillary’s backpedaling on Iraq suggests that the Jews now have a good grip on her ear, not only so they can whisper into it what she has to do, but also to drag her back onto the path that they want her on if she starts to veer off.

    Obama, however, has to this point resisted any major weakening of his position on Iraq. He has stated that the U.S. must bring the interested parties in Iraq together in an effort to negotiate some kind of mutually-agreeable resolution to the situation that George W. Bush and his Jewish cronies like Paul Wolfowitz started back in 2003. Most of the Jewish media portrayed Obama’s suggestion as “backing down to terrorism,” and Obama was widely ridiculed by the media and by the Bush Administration for his idea, but the smooth-talking Democrat deflected the worst of the criticism. Obama’s verbal commitment to bring the troops home, too, hasn’t lessened much throughout the primary, despite media opposition on this count as well.

    Obama’s rise to the leading Democratic Presidential candidate is an interesting one, and I think the Jewish media have a bit of a love-hate relationship with him. This stance is in stark contrast to the “hate-hate” attitude they take toward the two main groups of Whites: they hate racialist Whites and they hate non-racialist Whites. Give them credit for being consistent, except in the fact that they PRETEND that they like non-racialist Whites, even though they don’t.

    Anyway, back to the love-hate relationship the Jewish media have with Barack Obama. On the one hand, they love the fact that he is Black, and they relish the thought of him being President, if only because they will be able to rub hard the noses of White America in the knowledge that their country is presided over by a Black man, a man from the same genetic stock that was once enslaved by White men in this country. The idea of the country founded by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson being presided over by a Black man must give the Jews chills of pleasure.

    But on the other hand, Barack is a smooth operator who hasn’t yet knuckled under to being rabidly gung-ho about every point on the platform of the Jewish party line. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was every bit as smooth a talker as Obama, but that White sleazebag smelled to high heaven with Jewishness. He filled his government with Jews; their influence oozed from his very pores.

    Obama hasn’t gone that far yet, and it remains to be seen how his stance on the Iraq War, in particular, evolves as the campaign against John McCain really gets rolling.

    As you know, I and the rest of the members of the National Alliance are sick of all of this currying of the favor of the Jews that has, by and large, been the modus operandi of the U.S. government for about one hundred years. Sure, there were many times in the last century when the Jews’ hands might not have been obvious in the actions taken – or not taken – by the U.S. government. And my explanation for that is that, most likely, the Jews didn’t really care one way or the other about the outcome of this or that particular issue. But you can bet your last dollar that the Jews have used as much influence and power as they dared whenever there was an issue that they were genuinely interested in.

    They had a genuine interest in getting the U.S. into the First World War: the formation of a Zionist state in the Middle East. They had a genuine interest in getting the U.S. into the Second World War: destroy National Socialism and, at the same time, save Soviet Jewish Communism. They had a genuine interest in the gradual erosion of the immigration laws of this country: destroy the overwhelming White racial majority and upset the cultural connectedness that pervaded White America.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll cut that train of thought short by saying that, as time has gone on, the anti-White stamp of the Jewish Establishment has become more and more overt in the Jewish-controlled media AND more obvious from the offices and officials of government. George W. Bush, for instance, is another prime example – along with Bill Clinton – of recent American Presidents who robotically endeavor to carry out the will of the Jews. I haven’t been able to figure out if the current President Bush understands and accepts his role as a pawn of the Jews and is therefore going along willingly, or if instead he is too shallow and bullheaded to realize that he is merely a puppet whose strings are being pulled by very powerful men. In either case, his administrations have been chock-full of events and legislation that have either helped the Jews or hurt the Jews’ enemies or potential enemies.

    Consider what the American Chief Executive did in his recent trip to the Middle East. In a speech in Egypt, Bush took the whip to pretty much the entire Arab world, chastising various parts of that world for political repression and other alleged sins that really aren’t any of Mr. Bush’s business anyway. And far be it from George to pass up any chance to take a stab at Israel’s newest Public Enemy Number One, Iran; Bush lectured the largely Arab audience, saying that they all needed to help ensure that Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon. And what words of correction did George have for Israel? Not a peep. Apparently, George couldn’t even think of one single thing that Israel could do better, not one single thing that the leaders or people of Israel might try to work on to bring even a little more stability to the Middle East. And yet there are millions of Americans who deny the claim made by White racialists that the Jews don’t call the shots!

    The Arab world’s response to Bush’s remarks was one of disappointment. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas spoke for the entire Arab world when he said: “All that we want from (the Americans) is…a minimum of neutrality.” Abbas went on to tell of the personal request he made to the American President: “I frankly, clearly, and transparently asked him that the American position should be balanced.” Abbas probably knew he was wasting his breath when he asked George W. Bush to take an impartial stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but credit him with trying, anyhow.

    From what we’ve been able to see so far, John McCain in the White House would be an even-up trade for George W. Bush, at least when it comes to the Jews and the issues that are important to them. True, McCain doesn’t wear a constant smirk on his face like Bush does, and McCain actually fought in a war rather than use the family name to get a cushy gig in the National Guard which was, at that time, a far less dangerous venture than it is today, what with Bush’s wars on behalf of Israel and all. But McCain seems primed to affix his limbs to the puppet strings that George is soon going to leave behind. And then we’ll have a different national leader lauding the same old praises of Israel and pooh-poohing the cries for “balanced diplomacy” from the Arab nations.

    But Obama is still a question mark. It isn’t clear to what degree he’ll toe the Jewish party line. He’ll toe it to some degree, I’m sure of that, but will the amount of toeing Obama will do be enough to keep the Jewish Establishment happy over the next six months? If so, Obama will become America’s first Black President. If not, the Jewish media is going to do everything it can to put warmonger McCain in office.

    Stay tuned over the next weeks and months for the White racialist perspective on the campaign.

    I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

    News Source: Erich Gliebe

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