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    Third Worlders and White Discontent are Norway’s ’Greatest Security Risks”
    Posted by admin on: 2006-01-27 01:08:00

    Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) chief Jřrn Holme has said that the greatest anti-terrorism challenge facing Norway is twofold: “second generation immigrants” and Whites who are unhappy with the influx of Third Worlders.

    At a terrorism seminar staged by the Nordic Council on Wednesday, Holme argued that asylum seekers and immigrants are not the greatest threat to Norway, but rather possible discontent among its own citizenry.

    "The struggle against terror is not just waged in distant lands, but also through good integration policy involving dialog and respect," Holme said.

    Specifically Holme said it was vital to gather those in the danger zone and find them employment, and pointed out that this applied just as much to Norwegian youth attracted to what he called “neo-Nazi groups” (actually just groups who want to keep Norway Norwegian)  as it did to second and third generation immigrants recruited to extremist Islamic circles.

    Holme said that the task of identifying the small group of extreme Islamists that use or encourage violence was far more difficult than the public imagined and that "sooner or later" Norway, like the rest of Europe, must be prepared for a terrorist attack.

    "There are many extremist networks that are in fact waging a war against us. This is a very unusual situation that we must learn to live with," Holme said.

    Holme said that the PST and Norway did not need stricter anti-terrorism laws, and was glad that there were no controversial measures like the US Patriot Act in effect.

    "The PST and the courts have gotten new methods. Now it is important that they are used and evaluated," Holme said.

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