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    From The Absurd To The Insane - Muslim Immigration Into The U.S.
    Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2008-12-06 00:31:58
    "America: the world's most powerful nation, bankrupt and armed to the teeth; flooded with diametrically opposing cultures--turning it into a balkanized third world country. Frightening!" -- Rolando
    Our U.S. Congress signs America's death warrant by the tens of thousands every month. While one in every six American children lives below the poverty line, Congress imports 200,000 immigrants every month that equal 2.4 million legal and illegal immigrants annually that need housing, medical care and education. While 28 million Americans subsist on food stamps, we host 20 million illegal aliens that displace jobs from those Americans without jobs. With 14 million Americans unemployed, our U.S. Congress outsources, insources and offshores jobs with incredible alacrity.
    Now, as if we do not suffer enough problems, the Bush administration flies 1,000 Iraqi refugees into our country every 30 days. Thus far in 2008, 11,000 more Iraqi immigrants live off American tax dollars, with another 17,000 expected in 2009. But these aren't just 'usual' immigrants; these people represent Sunni and Shiite Muslims that have battled each other for hundreds of years. These folks don't just 'hate' each other; they despise and kill one another!

    News Source: Jim Ring

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