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    Another Media Attack On An Alliance Outreach Effort
    Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2009-06-11 03:38:05

    (Editor's note - Just to clarify a few misleading points made in the news report. The reason many Alliance literature distributions are made in the evening is because most Alliance members have jobs and have only this time of the day to dedicate to activism. Our members, including myself, have no problem with talking to people in a public setting about our organization. I have done numerous TV interviews in the past and that is as public as you can get.

    The man who made the call for a response, Ignacio Ramirez, seemed as if he was reading a script for the camera as he left a message on our contact line. Mr. Ramirez failed to supply a phone number so it would be impossible to give him the response he claimed he desired. Our goal is to reach Whites with our message and we were successful on this occasion. It would certainly leave the media dumbfounded to know how many positive responses we received from this particular outreach effort on our contact line.)

    Neighbors are angry this morning about some racist fliers left on their property. The fliers call for an all white neighborhood.

    They were signed with the mark of a nationally recognized hate group, National Alliance.

    The fliers turned up on several streets in florence.
    Local 12's Shawn Ley spoke with neighbors about it.
    Ignacio Ramirez, Received racist material: "I would like them to know they should knock on my door in broad daylight and talk to me. Not come around in the middle of the night."

    Right now police are calling this a free speech issue.
    If you get materials like this, there are groups that track it, and want to know about it, even if it is not directly threatening.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is the most prominent of these groups.

    Below the direct link to the televised news segment.

    News Source: Robert Ransdell

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