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    Anti-White Discrimination : America's Ongoing Trend Tears Apart Our Society
    Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2009-07-06 00:42:42

    by Mark Farrell

    Since the 1960s, America has spent more than $2.5 trillion in an effort to upgrade African-Americans
    --the late William Buckley's syndicated column, Jan. 5. 1993

    Throughout the past several decades, discrimination against White people has progressed to unprecedented lengths.  When a few White citizens initially began voicing their concerns over some of the controversial legislation that the government was implementing, most people just laughed it off.  At the time, it was naught more than a joke; the majority of the people thought that it would all quickly end or that the people who told them about the new laws were merely exaggerating the facts.  Eventually, however, they learned that the people who mentioned these unfair hiring and promoting practices were telling the truth.  The gears were in motion.  

    Quickly, new laws were enacted, covering every city in every state.  The same people, who were laughing before, were now trying to compete, with the unfair hiring practices hanging over their heads; they were not laughing any more.  Quotas developed.  Tests for jobs became obsolete; or, in some cases where testing was still used, the tests actually gave “bonus points,” called banding (another type of quota), for being a member of a race that was a minority in America's racial constituency.  Other hiring methods were implemented with two lists: a list of the minorities who scored highest, compared to other racial minorities; and a list of Whites, compared to other members of their racial majority.  The people at the top of the minority list were, oftentimes, given preference over some of the people at the top of the majority list; that was done despite the fact that many of the people near the bottom of the majority's list would out-score the people at the top of the minority's list.  Other ideas were instituted to keep the numbers of minorities at a company statistically equivalent to their number of people in the community, even if grossly under-qualified, lest a lawsuit develop.

    News Source: Mark Farrell

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